Building a carpool web API with Django (part 6)

1 minute read

In part 5 of our series we added more endpoints to our API. In this very short post we are going to add filtering support to our trips endpoint to allow users to filter trips.

Install django-filters

First, let’s install django-filters, a library that we are going to use. Ensure that your virtual environment is active by running pipenv shell then install the package:

pipenv install django-filters

Next, we add it to our list of installed apps inside kapool_project/

# kapool_project/

    # ...

We also need to add default filter backends to the REST_FRAMEWORK configuration:

# kapool_project/

    # ...

For more information on adding django-filters to your REST API check out the documentation.

Trip FilterSet

Now let’s add a FilterSet for our trip model. A FilterSet is class that is capable of automatically generating filters for a given model’s fields. Inside trips/ directory create a file and add the following code:

# trips/

from django_filters import rest_framework as filters

from .models import Trip

class TripFilter(filters.FilterSet):
    FilterSet for `Trip` model.

    num_seats = filters.NumberFilter(

    origin = filters.CharFilter(

    destination = filters.CharFilter(

    class Meta:
        model = Trip
        fields = [

Our FilterSet will create filters for trip_date, num_seats, origin and destination.

Now let’s go to TripViewSet add add our FilterSet:

# trips/

# ...
from .filters import TripFilter

class TripViewSet(ModelViewSet):
    # ...

    filterset_class = TripFilter # new

    # ...

We are done! You can run your server python runserver and go to the trips endpoint and start filtering your trips. Here are the examples of how you will filter using each of the fields:

  • trip_date: api/v1/trips/?trip_date=2019-11-26
  • num_seats: api/v1/trips/?num_seats=3
  • origin: api/v1/trips/?origin=pretoria
  • destionation: api/v1/trips/?destination=johannesburg
  • All fields: api/v1/trips/?trip_date=2019-11-26&num_seats=3&origin=pretoria&destination=johannesburg

What did we do?

In this post we added filters for our trips endpoint to allow users of our API to filter trips on trip_date, num_seats, origin and destination. Thanks for taking your time to read. Hopefully you have learnt something new.

You may view the full source code on GitHub.