Welcome to the end of 2021 :tada:. I hope you had a great year. Mine wasn’t too bad, save for my silence on this blog. One word answers why I did not post anything since June – Laziness. It is very embarrassing I know but, you know, it happens sometimes. Anyway, here we are on the last day of the year and, instead of doing a review of the past 12 months I decided to set out some goals for 2022, at least the first month or so. After that I’ll see what I’m going to do. I have a few things I want to write about this coming year.

The Plan

For the first couple of weeks in 2022 I would like to do a series on data structures and algorithms. The last time I had an in-depth look at data structures was back in 2012 when I was still a student. Now, 10 years later (can’t believe time flew that fast), I want to revisit them again.

You may ask why I want to do a refresher on data structures. After all, there a tons of content online. The reason why I want to look at data structures is more for me than anything else. I just decided to refresh my memory and the best way for me is to get my hands dirty. Besides, these things showed me flames back in school so what better way to start the year than facing one’s old foe, right? I’m also hoping someone out there might benefit from one or two posts.

I am going to focus on the following data structures:

  1. Linked List
  2. Binary Tree
  3. Heap
  4. Stack
  5. Queue
  6. Graph

For each data structure I plan to do the following:

  • Basic implementation
  • Common algorithms
  • HackerRank problems (those I can solve obviously :wink:)
  • Other problems I’ve come across

I might also look at some HankerRank problems on lists but I’m not committing to it just yet (just as I’m not signing a legally binding contract to do all the data structures above :laughing:).

I am not a big fan of long posts so I will do a series of very short posts for each data structure. I am planning to post every day or two – another reason why I want to keep the posts short and succinct since I have other commitments.

Now that I’ve laid out the plan we shall see if I will manage to follow through. Talk is cheap. I really hope I will. See you next year.